About Us

What we do

Founded in 2005, Elwood Investments and its affiliates own and manage over 25 Northern California real estate properties. The holdings, which have an approximate market value of $75,000,000, represent a class of California real estate that shows continuing long-term appreciation, providing a hedge against down economies.

We build partnerships that target strong cash-on-cash returns, with a excellent potential for long-term appreciation. Elwood brings to these relationships extensive experience in negotiation, acquisition, disposition, leasing, and real estate development and management. Our partners share our key values: regardless of the economic climate, we are cautious with cash-reserves and concerned with the potential down-side of any deal.

How We Do It

We focus on our “sweet-spot”—turning management-intensive projects into profitable holdings by targeting real estate that has been undervalued due to poor oversight and maintenance. With our long-standing brokerage and development relationships and a reputation for closing deals, we see opportunities that others do not—and convert those opportunities into profitable realities.

Our continuing objectives:

At Elwood, we are committed to providing consistent, reliable returns to investors through the acquisition, improvement, management, and growth of a well-chosen portfolio.


J. Brooks Stratmore II

A serial entrepreneur with experience in multiple real estate arenas, Elwood Investments founder Brooks Stratmore is a commercial broker as well as an investor/developer. He also owns and operates Stone Valley Farm, a family-run artisanal agricultural producer headquartered in Alamo, California.

In 2001, Stratmore co-founded the real estate brokerage firm Spieker Stratmore Commercial, Inc. Located in Silicon Valley, Spieker Stratmore brokered approximately $175,000,000 in sales and lease transactions from 2001 to 2008, routinely completing more than 75 deals a year for satisfied commercial tenancy clients.

Stratmore’s breadth of experience—managing investment property and representing commercial clients—gives him a unique ability to serve owners, investors, and tenants. For more than fifteen years, he has provided quality commercial real estate services, developing and managing high performing projects.



Michelle Stratmore

Detail oriented and process driven, Michelle took over in this role in 2013 and hit the ground running.  As Elwood has acquired properties (over 20 since 2009) under its ownership as well as through third-party property management, Michelle has increased efficiency and built an infrastructure suited for our growth.  Previously, Michelle held various positions at Venture Capital and Investment Banking Firms, as well as publicly-help Technology Companies.